Thursday, 30 January 2014


Melvin Sokolsky, Simone wears fashion by Venet, River Seine, Paris.American Harper’s Bazaar, March 1963
Ronald Traeger, Twiggy wears Twiggy Dresses Battersea Park, London. Unpublished Fashion Study for British Vogue, Young Idea, July 1967
John French, Skater wears a Digby Morton fur trimmed velvet coat, city gentleman Michael Bentley in the background, London. Daily Express, 1955
Tim Walker, Lily Cole & Giant Camera, Italian Vogue, 2005

I was so excited to visit The Selling Dreams: 100 years of Fashion Photography Exhibition currently on show at the Auckland Museum. It has come all the way from my favourite London Museum, the Victoria & Albert and it features prints from some of the best in the industry.

I really enjoyed to see how fashion photography has progressed over the last century from the classic black & white images of Cecil Beaton who I know is a major influence of my favourite photographer Tim Walker whose works are something out of a mystical dream. From simple elegance to a lavish staged glamour.

If you are interested in viewing this exhibition, it is on until the 28th February 2014 and you can find tickets and booking details here. If you are a Student, than you get free entry! They are also putting on some Viva Smart Talks in correlation with the exhibit which would be well worth a listen. I hope you manage to visit if you are close to Auckland!

Thursday, 23 January 2014


I'm been getting some festival style inspiration for Parachute Music Festival which I will be going to this weekend! I love how festivals mean you can exaggerate your style ever so slightly. I'm looking forward to soaking up the sun and listening to some sweet live music. My favourites in the line-up this year would have to be Gungor, Tigertown, The Soorleys, Strahan, Paper Cranes, Edge Kingsland and Halfnoise.

Monday, 20 January 2014


I've been away on another little trip this past week to the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand, also known as Napier. This beautiful city has a terribly sad story in which an earthquake hit the seaside town on February 3rd, 1931. There was a devastating loss of life, and severely damaged buildings. You might need a box of tissues if you wish to read up on this.

With new hope post earthquake, the rebuild of the city centre was almost entirely designed in an Art Deco architectural style. Despite such an awful history, this city is now thriving with it's unique pastel buildings which retain their character 80 years on. The town is now famous for it's Art Deco style.

Every year the town hosts an Art Deco Weekend where everyone dresses up dapper or flapper for two days of festivities! Sounds like a dream to me! This festival has weaved it's way into my bucket list. I had a 1920's Art Deco themed 21st Party, which I wish could have lasted longer than one night! I'm just trying to imagine a whole weekend where everyone there gets really into it! The classic cars and jazz bands come out and the dancing shoes come on.

I love this timeless era and it's classy way of dressing. Whilst we were there, I fell in love with a replica of a beaded 20's style flapper dress. These were used in one of my favourite films called "The Artist" and the hand sewn detailing was phenomenal. Unfortunately the price tag was a little out of my reach, but the work that went into them would make them worth every cent!

If you are ever in New Zealand, you must visit this place! I'm astounded that I hadn't been here before even though it's only like a 5-6 hour drive from Auckland (where I've lived my whole life). I feel like I've discovered a treasure which I want to tell everyone about!

Sunday, 19 January 2014


All images from the Oh So Pretty Blog Instagram

I'm so in love with how Victoria from Oh So Pretty Blog takes her photographs and her instagram is just as beautiful! Lots of crisp white space with beautifully composed objects, the occasional inclusion of sorbet or candy floss pink, and touches of grey that are as gentle and non-obtrusive as a delicate 2B pencil sketch.

I've only just joined instagram (Rose Tinted Illustration on Instagram) since I now have a smarty pants phone which is capable in taking nice photographs. I'm only interested in taking lovely pictures so I'm getting inspired by some of my favourite image makers. I see it as another creative tool, and it's just another thing that satisfies my image obsession! I love the gushing feeling you get when you see something that is "oh so pretty.."

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I found this beautiful apartment via My Modern Met:

Some people might take a vacation and leave their residence unmanned for a few weeks or even months, but one apartment in Paris was left isolated for about 70 years. The beautifully preserved space, which belonged to the granddaughter of the late Parisian socialite and actress Marthe de Florian, was paid for, month after month over the course of numerous decades, yet never returned to in all that time, leaving it not only unoccupied, but also completely untouched.
It was during World War II that the owner initially fled her opulent abode in effort to escape the Nazi raid. Never to return to her home, which is now deemed a Parisian "Time Capsule" apartment, the luxurious woman's heirs decided to make an inventory of her apartment when they discovered its preserved interior and the many treasures inside.
One such gem included a painting by renowned 19th century Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. The painting features a woman who is thought to be Marthe de Florian at 24 years of age. The time capsule home also disclosed her love affair with the artist through a stack of love letters they exchanged. The apartment, which proved to be as rich with possessions as it is with secrets, is currently closed off to the public, though some speculate that may change.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Peony Flower Crown : Handmade by myself

My sketchbook is a quiet little place where I can play and explore drawing in a simple and experimental manner. It is for observation and the quick freehand sketch. It is free from the formalities of a "Rose Tinted Illustration" which I spend hours refining. It uses an 8B pencil mostly, which provides dark and soft tones to achieve my desired effect. It is a cheap, bound sketchbook that has thick cream paper and front & back covers of plain brown paper (which I am nervous about illustrating on). It is a compilation of ideas and designs. It is dedicated to drawing things I love.

Yes I know it's naughty and wasteful to only draw on one side of the sketchbook, but I can't stand drawing when I can see lines showing through!

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Matarangi Beach // Summer - January 2014

I just spent six days in the beautiful holiday town of Matarangi lazing around, enjoying the beach, playing sports and board games, going for walks, having barbecues and reading books. Not to mention having fun in the surf with a bodyboard, and a poor attempt on my dad's 1976, purple surfboard. We also had a blast being towed on a sea-biscuit behind dad's "Zego" boat, and my husband Louis (the beach babe in image 4) did an incredible job at wake-boarding (even managing to get up first attempt!)

This is the typical Kiwi holiday on the Coromandel Peninsula which features some of New Zealand's most beautiful coastlines. It also has some amazing winding roads which Louis and I had great fun navigating on his motorbike during a sunset ride back home.

We were there with my family including my Mum & Dad, and my Sister & Brother-in-law. The six of us had a great time and it was our first holiday away with both daughters now married. We stayed in our Aunty & Uncle's Bach, which has long been our family holiday destination. It was nice to create new memories now we are grown, and so has our family. Though some traditions still remain, such as playing baseball in the early evening followed by a slightly competitive board or card game.

It will never cease to amaze me how beautiful the beach is at Matarangi just before sunset. The sand becomes cool and refreshing on bare feet, and the light is glowing. This particular evening there was not a cloud in the sky and the air was still warm. If only I could go back!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


2013 works by Maree W-B of Rose Tinted Illustration (c)

2013 has truly been a wonderful year. I've met and worked with some fantastic people doing what I really enjoy. It has been amazing to get some experience in the design industry in my first year out of University. What a blessing!

I feel like I have accomplished a lot in my illustration practice, furthering my skills and becoming disciplined to create regularly in my own personal style. Running the Rose Tinted Illustration & Design blog has kept me accountable to this, and has enabled me to make new creative friends all over the world through networking.

In 2013, I began taking this blog seriously as a way to document my work and inspirations. I gave it a distinct look by re-branding to a feminine style with rose pink tones and plenty of clean white space. I got my very own DSLR camera which allows me to take better photographs on my own terms without having to borrow equipment. I dedicated myself to post on a regular basis and to make work that inspires.

I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who read my blog at one point or another! I've been overwhelmed and encouraged by many lovely comments and I just want to let you know how much I treasure those words. They enable to keep doing this, even though it can be at times consuming and tedious.
Every like on my facebook page, or any comment I receive online puts my heart in a little flutter. It means the world to me to know people are taking the time to read this little blog. So thank you to each and every person who has dropped by Rose Tinted Illustration!
Much love - Maree Worrall-Bader.

Some Rose Tinted blog highlights from 2013 include:
Getting a darling little kitten
- Making pretty flower crowns
- Designing wedding Invitations for dear friends
- Being featured in the Change Winter Art Exhibition
- Helping a friend to style an Italian Wine & Cheese Evening
- Collaborating with Esther-Faith Photography
- Collaborating with Rebecca Halliwell Photography
- Seeing my beautiful friend Jess in the Wedding Dress I made for her!
- Photographing an Engagement shoot 
- Designing Save the Dates
- Photographing a style shoot for Eloise in the Cherry Blossoms
- Helping with the styling of a Rustic Wedding at a Horse Ranch
- Producing my favourite illustration yet
- Illustrating the cover art of my songbird friend Ashley's first recording
- Being a guest monthly feature over on Polli Blog
- Featuring in Tildy Magazine
- Producing an illustration of a favourite photographer's work (who loved it!)

I look forward to what 2014 has in store!