Thursday, 10 March 2016


Script lettering by Ashley Bird

This invitation suite was for the beautiful wedding of Ashley and Nathan. They just celebrated their one year anniversary. You can see their wedding photos by the talented Nicole Liley (Paton) Photography here. Or you can even see the engagement photos I took in this post.

The design for this suite was a collaboration between myself and the bride. She has the most beautiful handwriting and was able to render all the script elements throughout the design of the entire wedding. There's something really personal about knowing that someone has written each guest's name by hand. Especially if that someone is the bride.

I painted the floral elements onto grey card. We kept it simple using white blooms; anemonies and lily of the valley with lush green accents. The wording was written by the couple and we chose to use wording in the place of numbers because that's just so much cooler.

I love designing invitations, so if you have any queries please contact me at rosetintedillustration@gmail,com