Wednesday, 11 May 2016


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Friday, 6 May 2016


Styling and Party planning by Esther-Faith
Photo's taken by party goers using their phones
Featuring two Rose Tinted Flower Crowns worn by Esther-Faith and Ashleigh

So Esther-Faith is clearly the girl of the moment here on Rose Tinted Blog. Last post was her impeccably styled wedding captured by Stephan & Nakita  Photography and now her backyard birthday celebration.

I just adore bohemian styling when it comes to fashion, lifestyle and d├ęcor and this little soiree is just a lovely combination of all these things. Esther-Faith is a visionary with a brilliant eye for pulling things together. Not only that but she has a good way of bringing people together with her friendly nature and infectious laughter.

If you have an upcoming celebration that you would like assistance with in the overall look and vibe, feel free to contact Esther and she can let you know details :