Thursday, 9 January 2014


Matarangi Beach // Summer - January 2014

I just spent six days in the beautiful holiday town of Matarangi lazing around, enjoying the beach, playing sports and board games, going for walks, having barbecues and reading books. Not to mention having fun in the surf with a bodyboard, and a poor attempt on my dad's 1976, purple surfboard. We also had a blast being towed on a sea-biscuit behind dad's "Zego" boat, and my husband Louis (the beach babe in image 4) did an incredible job at wake-boarding (even managing to get up first attempt!)

This is the typical Kiwi holiday on the Coromandel Peninsula which features some of New Zealand's most beautiful coastlines. It also has some amazing winding roads which Louis and I had great fun navigating on his motorbike during a sunset ride back home.

We were there with my family including my Mum & Dad, and my Sister & Brother-in-law. The six of us had a great time and it was our first holiday away with both daughters now married. We stayed in our Aunty & Uncle's Bach, which has long been our family holiday destination. It was nice to create new memories now we are grown, and so has our family. Though some traditions still remain, such as playing baseball in the early evening followed by a slightly competitive board or card game.

It will never cease to amaze me how beautiful the beach is at Matarangi just before sunset. The sand becomes cool and refreshing on bare feet, and the light is glowing. This particular evening there was not a cloud in the sky and the air was still warm. If only I could go back!

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