Friday, 28 March 2014


Rose Tinted Illustration

I feel like this verse speaks to me about how I need to read more scriptures. The bible is full of such wisdom and valuable life advice, and with it's knowledge I feel my life is more enriched. I've been enjoying turning words of wisdom from the scriptures into beautiful drawings like this one.

I illustrated this scripture from Psalms 1v2-3 as a commissioned gift for a lovely friend's mother as a birthday gift. I can't help but think of how sweet and thoughtful this is as a gift. Such encouraging words to send to a loved one. I'm also thankful that it is something that supports a little old illustrator like myself. I love giving my talents as a way to bless someone else.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Rose Tinted Photography
Flower Crowns : Maree of Rose Tinted Illustration
Model & Make-up Artistry : Chelsea Ho

As you may know by now, I love flower crowns. I also love making my own and have made a number of pretty floral headpieces. Here is a little shoot I did on the weekend with the beautiful Chelsea Ho who is also a very talented make-up artist. (Click here to like her facebook make-up artistry page). I told her my vision of soft lilac eye-shadow and deep rose pink lips, soft & feminine. She captured it exactly as I had imagined it! She looked stunning.

Every flower crown I make is a unique one off piece. I can recreate similar combinations of colours and flowers but I like to do something different for each creation. If you would like your own custom flower crown or would like to ask about any of the above designs, send me an email to You can request your ideal flower and colour combinations to your liking and I will do my absolute best to create something you'll love!

I will be selling these beauties, along with my illlustration prints, at an upcoming Art & Craft Market in Auckland. Keep posted to find out more information about this but for now I can tell you it will be on May 10th. It's going to be a great day with some amazing vendors.

I will also be selling these at Tiny Space store in St Kevins Arcade, Auckland Central if you would like to come see them in person. Whilst your there, have a look at the amazing leather handbag collection and try on some pretty jewellery.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Rose Tinted Photography

My good friends Devon & Danae recently got married in a beautiful forest here in New Zealand (See beautiful images by Meg Courtney Photography here). It was a magical, fairytale of a day! The kind that you wish you could relive cause it was that memorable!

Instead of the typical "Wedding Reception", these guys had an all inclusive afternoon tea following the Wedding ceremony. There were picnic blankets, good food and great company. Danae & Devon made the cutest (Nae's) lemonade stand complete with planted Elysium, as well as a styled (Dev's) Snack Bar. The forest was decorated with dozens of metres of bunting flags made by Danae. The aisle was set with tree stumps rounds and large glass (Canadian) pickle jars filled with wildflowers. These arrangements were done by Cheryl, who is the mother of the bride and a creative genius. They had a tree covered with framed images of the couple and plenty of #devonanddanae signs to remind guests to document the day. This meant the overseas family could be a part of it by following via social media. Meg Courtney was also super quick to get the photos back to the couple, which meant the whole day was really well captured.

In the evening they hosted an intimate dinner at Masala Indian Restaurant (Bucklands Beach) for the closest of family and friends. Danae had a vision that included elements from their favourite film Moonrise Kingdom. Their invites were actually a mini film adaptation of the scene where the boy and girl characters are writing letters to one another. They were super cute and a unique way to invite guests. For the styling we included quirky camping equipment like lanterns, binoculars, antlers, forest animal ornaments, woodcut chargers, and other woodsy elements. Danae found the awesome bunny ornaments at a design store which she spray painted to be glossy white. She also hand-painted the twigs with her wedding colours of green, white and yellow to use as named place cards. They were unique to each guest. She also made the macarons for guest favours along with the amazing Eloise.. who also notably did all of the bridesmaids hair. The macarons were white & milk chocolate for obvious reasons.

We made little terrariums from a gorgeous wee plant that Danae previously had in her bathroom. We replanted them into glass fish bowls with some pebbles and soil and added cute Schleich forest animals (bambi, squirrel, fox & racoon). Instead of floral, we used lush greenery of fern & ivy. This fitted well with the forest / camp / Moonrise Kingdom theme, but was also an affordable way to do it since it could just be picked from the garden.

Big thanks to the beautiful Paige Horton, and my gorgoeus husband Louis who helped me set up the decor for the evening. Also to everyone that helped out with the set up for the rest of this spectacular day. This made my role as event coordinator so much easier with so many helping hands. I know how appreciative Danae & Devon are for your efforts!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


All works by Rose Tinted Illustration

I've been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family that have sponsored me to do the Mission 48 famine. As promised, I have been working on the illustrations to send out to anyone who sponsored me more than $15. These are all original works and are a little way to use my talents to help a greater cause.

So far I have raised over $600.00 (NZD)! That is going to go a long way in planting Moringa trees in Cambodia & West Africa, helping Syrian refugees with their basic needs, contributing to a youth program in India and funding supplies for and occupational therapy clinic in Kasovo. The best part is I know that 100% of that money will be going to those causes!

I'm happy to say I made it successfully through the 48 hours of non-eating which trust me, wasn't easy. Especially when I had one of my dearest friend's dessert filled engagement party on the Saturday night! Torture I tell you! But soooooo worth it to know that a difference is being made. All because people decided to sacrifice their money to support me in my famine to make a world of difference.

On the Saturday morning half our group went out into Auckland City to hand out food to the homeless. This is something we do once a month, but it's harder when you know you can't eat. The other half of the group went to help a lovely lady who needed help with weeding out her garden. Simple acts that make such a difference because we gave our time, money and energy to help.

If you would still like to donate, it's not too late! Contact me through email at to find out how to sponsor me. I will send an illustration your way! x

Thursday, 6 March 2014


This weekend I am participating in a 48 hour famine without food in order to fund-raise for some worthy causes. I believe in making a difference in the world and this is just a small sacrifice on my behalf to make it a better place. I will be using my skills as an illustrator to produce original 4x6" drawings for anyone that sponsors me more than $15.

:: Choose an illustration from one of these themes and I'll draw you an original ::
floral & botanical // birds & forest animals // typographic

No money spent on printing, administration costs, labour for the organisers or anything. These are all covered by the Alliance Church of New Zealand. (I'm personally covering materials and postage for my illustrations.)

Here are the projects:

Moringa Tree // Cambodia & Africa
In Cambodia and many West African countries, CAMA workers are introducing the Moringa Tree which provides and economical source of nutrition and healing. No other plant provides such a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. It can help rebuild weak bones, reducing high blood pressure and even helping in the fight against AIDS by boosting the immune system.

Syrian Refugee Relief // Syria Middle East
There were 1.6million Syrians that were forced to leave their country due to the civil war that broke out in 2011. 500,000 refugees have made their way to a neighbouring country and they have many physical and personal needs that need to be met such as food and household supplies. Help support CAMA workers and local Pastors as they visit refugees in their homes (a sign of respect in Arab culture) trying to meet and uplift these needs.

National Youth Programme // India
Help fund the ministry of Naveen Bhambal, the National Youth Worker of the Alliance in India. Naveen works with very limited financial  resources but has a big vision to equip, encourage and unite Alliance youth in India. Naveen has recently organised their first National Youth Camp and are hoping to make this an annual event, along with conferences, retreats and study programmes. Naveen is also actively involved with the music and youth programmes of his local church in Mumbai, working under the leadership of Pastor Rajesh Patole (Alliance India Leader) who visited us in 2013.

Hands that Heal // Kasovo, South Eastern Europe
The Agape Centre makes a difference in the lives of people living with mental and physical disabilities by providing them with occupational therapy. The centre also has seen increased opportunities to meet people's spiritual needs as well. A gift of $50 would buy a months worth of splinting supplies for 5 clients.

If you would like to sponsor me, please email me at for details on how to make payment. Remember 100% of the funds go directly to these causes. As a body of young people we are aiming for $10,000 after raising $9,000 last year.

A small sacrifice can make a world of difference.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


A little drawing study which is going to be a part of another project I am currently working on. Stay tuned! x

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Custom handmade by Maree of Rose Tinted
Rose Tinted Photography

I made this crown for a lovely lady for her to wear on her birthday coming up. She let me know the palette and gave me a couple of reference images (she particularly liked this one I made) and gave me free rein on flower choices! I chose to make a crown of peonies, roses, hydrangea & orchids all in these gem tones.

I love making & wearing these beauties. If you would like one for yourself, or know someone else who might, don't hesitate to flick me an email. ( I'd joyfully make one for you and I'm happy to do a custom order if you have a specific floral range or colour palette in mind.

I'll be making some for a bridal party, which I'm very excited about! I'd love to do more wedding crowns. I'm thinking it might be time to open an etsy store to sell my flower crowns and illustration prints. But it depends on how much my arm gets twisted...

If you love this post please pin it to your pinterest! x