Saturday, 14 July 2012

"Lola with Flower Crown"

This is one of my own illustrations using collage and graphite pencil on pale pink paper. This was my first time at including collage in my creative practice, and I must say I like it! I always thought collage was cheating, since I like to draw all the components of my illustrations. Though I was proved wrong when making this work. I enjoyed the therapeutic process of cutting out the individual images (tedious as it was), and discovered it was a really effective way to demonstrate my visual aesthetic.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Romantic Style Book

  I came across this gorgeous book at the library where I completely fell in love with the styling by Selina Lake. Everything about this  book is just stunning from the decoration to the photography. I adore the attention to detail and of course the vintage elements. Things with a highly considered and embellished design really appeal to me, perhaps that is why I treasure items from a prior time. I also love the indulgence of having fresh flowers in every room, it makes me wish it was spring all year round.

I got this book from the book, if you would like a copy for your coffee table, click here.