Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I'm on instagram! Your welcome to follow me by viewing my profile here. I've had it for a little while but haven't really put it to good use until recently. I can see why people love it so much! I love following other creatives and seeing what they post. I love beautiful imagery and this is a constant source of inspiration.

I'm trying to update it once daily which has been a good way for me to keep a creative discipline. I've been balancing my feed between photography, illustration, design and flower crowns to give it some differentiation.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Rose Tinted Photography & Design

If you have been thinking of ordering a custom Rose Tinted Flower Crown, then you will need to message or email ( by the end of July with your order. I'll also need to know your head size and colour/flower preferences along with any flower crown imagery that you're swooning over!

I'm moving to China to teach English with my husband Louis. I will be taking a two month break to settle in and find the resources I need to keep making these beauties.

Thanks petals! I look forward to creating you something pretty!! x

Friday, 18 July 2014


My heart leapt a little (much like that little jackrabbit), when I saw these beautifully painted foxes, deer and rabbits. They are meticulously painted by my friend of Marie Wade Illustration. Her works have such intricate detail and she manages to apply such control to a very fluid and often hard to control medium. Plus who doesn't love super cute forest animals?

Marie and I met at my cousin's 21st birthday when we were both in our first year at Art School doing a Bachelor of Visual Arts. She did her degree at AUT, and I at MSVA via UoA. It was very strange indeed to meet someone with such similar interests in just about everything. Not to mention the same name.. only spelt differently. We both liked illustration and art (obviously), shared a faith, had a similar taste in music, a knack for sewing, and a love for clothing and vintage.Which I suppose isn't that bizarre since Art Students tend to like the alternative and creative things in life. But it was really great to meet her and her twin Jenna who are to this day, two of the most stylish and lovely ladies I have met.

Go ahead and check out her Art blog updated with all her illustrated works and also give her facebook page a like! x

Monday, 14 July 2014


Rose Tinted Flower Crown

I made this flower crown for a new friend called Renee who was recommended to me via Alli K, whose photograph's you might remember from this post in April. Renee is super sweet and enthusiastic, and we instantly bonded over a love for wearing flower crowns!

If you would like you to have your own custom Flower Crown, or know someone that would, please contact me via

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Rose Tinted Photography & Design
Port Waikato Beach

My husband Louis & I just come back from a winter getaway with our good friends Nathan & Ashley. We initially started in Ruakaka, which is a beautiful beach side town up North on the East Coast of New Zealand. Nathan's family has a Bach there. We went away to spend quality time with our friends before we leave to China but also so I could take Nathan & Ashleys engagement photo's! (Watch this space).

We then ventured to Port Waikato where Louis' family friends own a cute Bach close to the sand dunes. These photos were taken at Port Waikato Beach with it's vast space and West Coast black sand. On our littl getaway we went on little adventures and had some indoor time with games and lots of cups of hot chocolate/tea. As avid Lord of the Rings fans, we watched a film each night (but we skipped the Fellowship and opted for the last two for the epic battle scenes). The weather was grey and windy/rainy most of the time. Not ideal engagement photo weather, mostly cause of the wind. But we managed to get a couple of photo shoots in which I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

This road trip reminded me of just how much I love NZ and how beautiful this country is! I feel blessed to live here. It was a great time with good friends, good tunes, good food and good times.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Awhile ago I painted these peonies just for fun and then I made it into a possible logo design. Now I'm contemplating a whole re-brand... What do you think?