Friday, 18 January 2013

Rose Tinted Style Blog

I've started a new blog about event styling called Rose Tinted Style. It has long been a passion of mine to decorate, and ever since getting married my love of styling only increased. Now it's something that I would love to do professionally. I've got plenty of creative ideas to share and I hope that this blog will provide me a way to communicate these in a visual and creative format.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Handmade White Garments

 One of my favourite things about my Mum is that she is incredible at sewing, and so I try learn as much as I can from her. However I must admit I do not have the same level of patience as her so I don't enjoy the sewing part very much (especially when the thread breaks or the needle snaps!) But I do enjoy this special bonding time with my mother which begins when I sketch out a vision for a garment that needs to be made.

This particular project was inspired by the White Magick Collection by Australian label "Lover" which I have recently posted about. I found the ideal fabric to make a garment similar to the kimono style dress I fell in love with in the collection. I liked the angel style sleeves which was the main inspiration I wanted to adapt into my own design. I was going to do a dipped hem as well, which we constructed first as a skirt, but I decided it was too much in proportion with the sleeves. However I loved the skirt itself and chose to keep it just as it was. It can be worn as a skirt or a top (which looks best with a belt or ribbon around the waist).

I also loved the sheer polka dot fabric used in Lover's collection and so I referenced this in my design of a simple maxi overdress that ties at the front with an empire waistline. This kind of basic design I was able to execute without Mum's help, but I prefer the process of sewing together.

The final image is of a flower crown/necklace that I crafted from a soft mesh fabric. It looks darling with any of the garments in this mini collection by Mum and I.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Magical lace

 The latest collection by Australian label "Lover" is simply stunning. White Magick contains a gorgeous selection of snowy dresses in lace and tulle (notably two of my favourite fabrics). My personal favourite is the kimono style dress in the centre, but I am also loving the polka dots. Currently they are only available from their Sydney flagship store, but I am hoping they will turn up soon enough on the online store.

  Until then, I may use up some of this inspired energy on the sewing machine creating my own chalk white garment. It won't be anywhere near as well crafted but I'll let you know how I go...

The Yellow Brick Road Boutique

How sweet is this promo video for Auckland Boutique, The Yellow Brick Road? The styling is gorgeous. I love the idea of a whole bedroom placed in a forest with the glowing light streaming through the trees. It has such a fantasy feel. Her pretty dress and flower crown are perfectly suited for fairy-like bare feet.