Monday, 20 January 2014


I've been away on another little trip this past week to the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand, also known as Napier. This beautiful city has a terribly sad story in which an earthquake hit the seaside town on February 3rd, 1931. There was a devastating loss of life, and severely damaged buildings. You might need a box of tissues if you wish to read up on this.

With new hope post earthquake, the rebuild of the city centre was almost entirely designed in an Art Deco architectural style. Despite such an awful history, this city is now thriving with it's unique pastel buildings which retain their character 80 years on. The town is now famous for it's Art Deco style.

Every year the town hosts an Art Deco Weekend where everyone dresses up dapper or flapper for two days of festivities! Sounds like a dream to me! This festival has weaved it's way into my bucket list. I had a 1920's Art Deco themed 21st Party, which I wish could have lasted longer than one night! I'm just trying to imagine a whole weekend where everyone there gets really into it! The classic cars and jazz bands come out and the dancing shoes come on.

I love this timeless era and it's classy way of dressing. Whilst we were there, I fell in love with a replica of a beaded 20's style flapper dress. These were used in one of my favourite films called "The Artist" and the hand sewn detailing was phenomenal. Unfortunately the price tag was a little out of my reach, but the work that went into them would make them worth every cent!

If you are ever in New Zealand, you must visit this place! I'm astounded that I hadn't been here before even though it's only like a 5-6 hour drive from Auckland (where I've lived my whole life). I feel like I've discovered a treasure which I want to tell everyone about!

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