Monday, 12 January 2015


Rose Tinted Photography (c)

When my beautiful friend Nyssa sent me the inspirational photos for her wedding floral, I was swooning. I couldn't wait to get out there to start finding the silk blooms so I could start making the floral pieces for her bridal party. It's such a creative combination of colours and floral that is extraordinarily different to anything I've seen. And I've seen quite a bit thanks mostly to Pinterest & Instagram.

I used peachy pink David Austin roses, peach & pink miniature roses, tulips, blue hydrangea, as well as some silver toned greenery such as eucalyptus and rabbit's ear.

If you are itching to see how the blushing bride looked on her big day, I've recently shared an image to my Facebook page that you can check out.

Get in touch if you are after a flower crown or hair piece! I love custom creating these beauties. x

Saturday, 10 January 2015


Vintage Botanicals sourced from The Graphics Fairy

My gorgeous friend is engaged to her beau and I had the pleasure of designing her party invitations for both the bridal shower, and also the engagement at Petit Bocal in Auckland.

The brief we discussed included floral elements, stark white space and a clean typeface for a dynamic yet minimalistic modern design. Holly's a bit a foodie, and I noticed on her pinterest board the inclusion of blackberries alongside other delectable nibbles. I thought they could work really well with the design, whilst complimenting the edgy style of her venue. Initially I imagined them as watercolour paintings, but the vintage botanical image I found via The Graphics Fairy was much more effective.

Event stationery is my favourite thing to design cause I love customising it to suit each client and their taste. I met Holly when we were both working for an amazing boutique company called Red Creative Event Styling. She is a beautiful, creative, encouraging soul who has such inspirational faith. Plus the girl has a great eye when it comes to all things stylish, so I really enjoyed collaborating with her on these invites.

If you are after anything similar or want to talk designs, please get in touch. x 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


A matching match. Love him so much, he's my absolute favourite.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Rose Tinted Photography

For our Christmas break, my love (Ludwig) and I decided to do a little travelling. Our hearts settled on Xiamen, which is an island in the South East of China.. Being from New Zealand, we wanted to be by the sea as that feels more homely at a time where we really miss our families.

Christmas day was spent visiting a temple and hiking a mountain, followed by a hot chocolate / brewed coffee at the biggest Starbucks in China. We are not major café goers in NZ but there's something about the western influence that feels cosy. Especially when it's raining outside and jazzy Christmas carols are playing in the background.

For most of the time we stayed in the cobbled, boutique streets of Siming, which was a very eclectic place full of unique stores, street food (mostly seafood, which we do not like to eat) and small bars. The place was bustling and had a really great atmosphere.

We also stayed a night on the small island of Gulangyu which is where many British settlers came to live in the late 19th / early 20th centuries. Because of this, the island is filled with many European style manors, many of which were Art Deco in style.We wandered through winding streets, had a moonlit walk along the beach and overall had a wonderful little romantic getaway.

Read more about our trip on our travelling blog; Hopeful Wanderers.