Thursday, 6 March 2014


This weekend I am participating in a 48 hour famine without food in order to fund-raise for some worthy causes. I believe in making a difference in the world and this is just a small sacrifice on my behalf to make it a better place. I will be using my skills as an illustrator to produce original 4x6" drawings for anyone that sponsors me more than $15.

:: Choose an illustration from one of these themes and I'll draw you an original ::
floral & botanical // birds & forest animals // typographic

No money spent on printing, administration costs, labour for the organisers or anything. These are all covered by the Alliance Church of New Zealand. (I'm personally covering materials and postage for my illustrations.)

Here are the projects:

Moringa Tree // Cambodia & Africa
In Cambodia and many West African countries, CAMA workers are introducing the Moringa Tree which provides and economical source of nutrition and healing. No other plant provides such a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. It can help rebuild weak bones, reducing high blood pressure and even helping in the fight against AIDS by boosting the immune system.

Syrian Refugee Relief // Syria Middle East
There were 1.6million Syrians that were forced to leave their country due to the civil war that broke out in 2011. 500,000 refugees have made their way to a neighbouring country and they have many physical and personal needs that need to be met such as food and household supplies. Help support CAMA workers and local Pastors as they visit refugees in their homes (a sign of respect in Arab culture) trying to meet and uplift these needs.

National Youth Programme // India
Help fund the ministry of Naveen Bhambal, the National Youth Worker of the Alliance in India. Naveen works with very limited financial  resources but has a big vision to equip, encourage and unite Alliance youth in India. Naveen has recently organised their first National Youth Camp and are hoping to make this an annual event, along with conferences, retreats and study programmes. Naveen is also actively involved with the music and youth programmes of his local church in Mumbai, working under the leadership of Pastor Rajesh Patole (Alliance India Leader) who visited us in 2013.

Hands that Heal // Kasovo, South Eastern Europe
The Agape Centre makes a difference in the lives of people living with mental and physical disabilities by providing them with occupational therapy. The centre also has seen increased opportunities to meet people's spiritual needs as well. A gift of $50 would buy a months worth of splinting supplies for 5 clients.

If you would like to sponsor me, please email me at for details on how to make payment. Remember 100% of the funds go directly to these causes. As a body of young people we are aiming for $10,000 after raising $9,000 last year.

A small sacrifice can make a world of difference.

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