Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Photography: Stephan & Nakita
Florals: Rachel Barber
Makeup: Olivia Davies and Al Tucker
Bride's gown: Leanne Day

So although I have crafted many different lovely flower crowns, I must confess that these are still my favourites! A lavish combination of ruby reds, burgundy, seashell pinks, apricots and creams in an array of wild flowers set upon eucalyptus. It was such a delight to create such a challenging and creative design brief from Esther's wild, beautiful imagination. I searched many stores to find the most stunning silk blooms. I looked for orchids, hydrangea, poppies, a peony bud for the feature of the brides crown, wild berries, blossoms and basically anything native and lush.

Can we just dwell for a second on how impeccable those bouquets are? I am still in complete awe on just how well they compliment the flower crowns. Let's be honest they are more exquisite, they have to be. Real flowers are always going to be more beautiful. When paired with those luxurious beaded champagne/gold gowns... oh my! Esther's breath-taking lace gown was custom created by Leanne Day who did a wonderful job. Esther raves about her skills and how great she was at achieving her vision! 

As you can tell Esther-Faith has an incredible eye for detail. Keep watching as I am about to post images of her recent bohemian birthday soiree which she styled like a pro. I started making that particular post and then realized that I HAVE to show you the images of her wedding first because it's beyond stunning.

Please head over to the website of Stephan & Nakita Photography (who are dear friends of mine) to see more images of this darling wedding. Keep an eye out for the gorgeous illustrated stationery designs by Ashleigh Meyer who was a bridesmaid (loooong mermaid hair, swept to the side).

Noteworthy mention is that it was also recently featured in New Zealand Weddings Magazine; Autumn issue, April 2016. If your in NZ, be sure to pick up a copy!