Friday, 18 July 2014


My heart leapt a little (much like that little jackrabbit), when I saw these beautifully painted foxes, deer and rabbits. They are meticulously painted by my friend of Marie Wade Illustration. Her works have such intricate detail and she manages to apply such control to a very fluid and often hard to control medium. Plus who doesn't love super cute forest animals?

Marie and I met at my cousin's 21st birthday when we were both in our first year at Art School doing a Bachelor of Visual Arts. She did her degree at AUT, and I at MSVA via UoA. It was very strange indeed to meet someone with such similar interests in just about everything. Not to mention the same name.. only spelt differently. We both liked illustration and art (obviously), shared a faith, had a similar taste in music, a knack for sewing, and a love for clothing and vintage.Which I suppose isn't that bizarre since Art Students tend to like the alternative and creative things in life. But it was really great to meet her and her twin Jenna who are to this day, two of the most stylish and lovely ladies I have met.

Go ahead and check out her Art blog updated with all her illustrated works and also give her facebook page a like! x

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