Monday, 16 June 2014


Exciting news!! My husband and I are going to China to teach English in Wuhan for 1-2 years! We leave in a couple of months and are greatly looking forward to this adventure.

I'm particularly excited for the flower markets which apparently are really inexpensive. I'll hope to have fresh flowers in our apartment all the time. Plus I'll get to make flower crowns from fresh flowers! Yay! Apparently the Antique Markets are amazing as well as the art store which is not far from our school. I'm excited to go shopping! Though I hope everything is not too short on me as I am quite tall.

We're excited to live in a city. To be able to walk down to the streets and enjoy dining out more. Though Wuhan is known for it's spicy food, and I am known for not enjoying having my taste buds aflame. (I''ve learnt how to say "No Spice" in Mandarin).

I'm excited to take photo's and to embrace the culture and the warm hearted people. I'm really looking forward to teaching as well. Without adding another year onto my degree, it's not something I would be able to do in New Zealand. But being able to do it short term is going to be an amazing experience. My husband Louis is a professional teacher, so he will be able to give me many tips along the way. The students in China are known for being eager to learn which will help me immensely. We also teach with a Chinese teacher in the same class so I'm not doing it alone.

The weather there is extreme heat in summer, and very cold in Winter. I've never experienced such big extremes in temperature so it's making me really contemplate what I pack in my suitcase. I'm trying to think natural fibres like cotton and silk for summer, and warm knits, merino wool, duck down feather jackets, and a good rain coat for winter. I love to pack, to make lists and think ahead to what adventures I'll need them for. But it's also sad packing our lives away here though I know it will not be forever.

We will miss our families and friends LIKE CRAZY. But we are so blessed to have skype, email, viber and all these other forms of media that can connect us with them.

I will continue with this blog, and I am looking to set up an etsy store to sell my flower crowns and illustration prints. So I will not be going away, in fact my content will only get more enriched as I travel and experience new things! :) x

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