Friday, 8 November 2013


Photography : Eloise of Jazz Lips & Tulips
Art Direction / Styling / Editing : Maree of Rose Tinted Photography

In this portrait I'm wearing on of my favourite white dresses which I got from H&M whilst I was in England, and one of my own handmade flower crowns. I absolutely love flower crowns! You'll notice they often feature in my Rose Tinted Illustration's cause I find them so pretty. I have fun making them too, so if you also like flower crowns, feel free to contact me ( so I can craft you a custom crown!

I think like most people, it is hard to like photo's of yourself. But in this instance, I kinda love this frame. It has a lot to do with the dreamy lighting and the pinky, purple tone (which occured naturally, honestly I did barely any editing). It reminds me of this Tea Party fashion spread for Vogue China by Amber Gray Photography.

This was a frame from the Cherry Blossom Shoot I did with my Sister-in-law/Best friend, Eloise of Jazz Lips & Tulips. We were just at the point of getting glorious late afternoon sunshine which is possibly the best time of day.

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