Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Photography by : Julia Trotti

Peppermint Magazine is one of my favourites! It's all about style, sustainability and substance thus providing an eco-friendly option for the fashionably, and environmentally conscious females out there. It encourages us all to be more aware of wordly issues and struggles which is something we are so easily ignorant of with all the distractions around us. Peppermint is in lieu of supporting handmade, artisan practices whilst being on trend with the latest design styles whether it's fashion, make up, food, photography, graphic design or illustration.

The Spring 2013 Issue features the beautiful works of fashion photographer Julia Trotti who did the cover image and a spread called strawberry fields. She is quickly becoming one of my favourite photographers with her careful use of lighting and creative angles for each shot.

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Big Picture Stuff said...

One of the most talented and inspiring young talents out there!