Thursday, 22 August 2013


A couple of weeks ago I helped one of the sweetest ladies I know with a wine and cheese night she was hosting. It was part of a women's event run by her church where they could get together for a night of good company, food and wine. Apparently the night was a great success, with many staying late into the night enjoying fellowship and conversation.

For the styling we went with a rustic Italian vibe with rich colour and natural textures. (Yes, I know now "En Provence" is French - my apologies). The floral consisted mostly of lavender and rosemary which produced an incredible aroma. Other accents of various purple toned flora & leafy fauna were added, all within the set colour palette. These were arranged in vintage jars and wrapped with twine. The aim was to for the floral to look quite organic and eclectic, as if arranged in an authentic Italian villa in Tuscany.

We collected wooden crates for a heightened table display and used Hessian (burlap) sacking fabric as a table cloth. We added decor such as an antique Italian microscope dating back to 1673 which we displayed under a glass bell jar for a bit of quirk & interest. I also added a wrought iron candle lantern and unique Italian looking glass bottles for decoration. The room was lit with the warm light of candles and lamps for great atmosphere.

I did some typography on black boards with some hilarious wine quotes of which we took great delight in choosing. We settled with "I'm not old, I'm vintage" (it was an over 30's event), "You can't buy happiness but you can buy wine" and "Un-cork and Un-Wine"

 Platters of food were served on wooden chopping boards with a decadent range of cheese, crackers, ciabatta loaves, fruit & nuts with cheese & also chocolate fondue.

I'm very sorry I was unable to take photographs to share as I did not attend - apparently I was too young haha! I helped set up the night prior so I never managed to see the look complete with food and guests, but I've tried my best to describe the styling. Too see more images that inspired this set up just visit this board on my pinterest page.

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