Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Crystal Paintings by Carly Waito

Yes that's right, these are paintings! Beautiful intricate oil paintings by the immensely talented Carly Waito, a Canadian artist with a fascination for "geology, geometry and ideas of wonder and curiosity". I came across her work whilst searching for crystals to add to my Crystal Pinterest Board and was immediately in awe of her talent.

I have long been in love with gorgeous crystals and their many facets and colour patterns. I had a childhood friend who's mother owned a small collection and I was absolutely smitten with them. When I was really little (maybe 3-4 years old), I decided that my name would be Crystal-Rose and I wouldn't answer to Maree. (I know I sound like I was a little brat). I would even sign all my finger paintings at Playcentre with my alter ego name. The funny thing is I still am in love with crystals and roses, I still do art, and I still love that name. I like how the words look written out, how they are said, and what they represent as objects.

Perhaps it's the magpie in me that loves sparkle and colour, but I can help but adore these little treasures. Speaking of magpies, you should check out this beautiful NZ made and designed jewellery by Morepork and Magpie. Sarah Morrah works wonders with crystals in her unique pieces, plus she runs a great blog!

New Zealand also has it's own precious stone Museum called Crystal Mountain which is well worth a visit.

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