Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Handmade White Garments

 One of my favourite things about my Mum is that she is incredible at sewing, and so I try learn as much as I can from her. However I must admit I do not have the same level of patience as her so I don't enjoy the sewing part very much (especially when the thread breaks or the needle snaps!) But I do enjoy this special bonding time with my mother which begins when I sketch out a vision for a garment that needs to be made.

This particular project was inspired by the White Magick Collection by Australian label "Lover" which I have recently posted about. I found the ideal fabric to make a garment similar to the kimono style dress I fell in love with in the collection. I liked the angel style sleeves which was the main inspiration I wanted to adapt into my own design. I was going to do a dipped hem as well, which we constructed first as a skirt, but I decided it was too much in proportion with the sleeves. However I loved the skirt itself and chose to keep it just as it was. It can be worn as a skirt or a top (which looks best with a belt or ribbon around the waist).

I also loved the sheer polka dot fabric used in Lover's collection and so I referenced this in my design of a simple maxi overdress that ties at the front with an empire waistline. This kind of basic design I was able to execute without Mum's help, but I prefer the process of sewing together.

The final image is of a flower crown/necklace that I crafted from a soft mesh fabric. It looks darling with any of the garments in this mini collection by Mum and I.

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