Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pushing Daisies

I've just finished watching my favourite television show ever for the 3rd time (at least). It's a pity that Pushing Daisies only lasted two seasons before a writer's strike forced it's end. It is such a quirky, fun-filled show about a pie maker who can wake the dead, but only for one minute or  something else in proximity has to die. Using this skill he helps solve murders with inspector Emerson Cod and one day he discovers his childhood sweetheart which adds a darling love story to the show.
Charlotte Charles a.k.a. Chuck plays an amazing leading lady and I must confess I have a style crush on this character and all her brightly coloured 50's and 60's inspired clothing. Makes me wish I suited wearing vibrant yellows, reds and greens, Although I have a very similar red lace dress as pictured in the cover of season 2 (the final image), only my dress doesn't have an a-line skirt but is more fitted with a pencil shape.
Also Kristen Chenoweth's character is called Olive Snook which is the name of my late grandmother. There really isn't anything else like this show created by Brian Fuller, if you haven't seen it already it's a must watch.

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