Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rose Magazine Launch!

 This is it! My final installation for my Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. I had a lot of space to play with, which  actually made my initial plan of having just a angled shelf against the wall with the poster seem too insignificant. In order to add more presence and to further occupy the space, I created the sweet bunting flags using floral patterns that were actually used in the magazine. Though I only discovered that I needed these flags two and a half days before deadline which created a bit of stress! Mum's new printer at her work came to the rescue to print the flags for a fraction of the cost as it would have been to do them at Uni. Making them was well worth it however, and they really fit within the style of Rose magazine.

Instead of having a  shelf attached to the wall, I ended up using this plinth at the recommendation of my lecturers. This was a great plan as it meant viewers could walk around it rather than waiting for someone else to finish. However, the only plinth in our entire Art School that was the right height, shape and size was painted black! So the day before deadline I had to paint many, many layers in order to make it a pale shade of pink! But again it was worth it, but boy am I glad I allocated those 3 days to installation cause boy did I need that time!

If you would like to view Rose Magazine online via issuu.com please follow the link here.

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