Friday, 1 April 2016


So I realize I don't exactly post on this blog all too frequently. It's mostly due to access problems as I'm currently living in China. I also share the lap top now with my husband who loves to spend his free time with technology. That or we're watching movies/ TV shows. However I normally have my phone handy and I regularly pinning away on my pinterest boards.

If I could Pinterest for a job, that would be the dream. I find it so therapeutic and inspiring as a creative being. It keeps me on top of all latest trends in fashion, food, décor, design, illustration and photography. Plus I just loooove images. I feel like when I pin an image, the content becomes my own to look at as I please. So I may not own all these pretty dresses, but I can see them easily and admire how other people style them.

My boards are fresh and feminine with a colour palette that exists mostly in white with injections of pink. There's also a plethora of flowers cause well, they're my favourite. The images I pin really reflect my personal style and what inspires me.

If you are interested in keeping up with my own photography, illustration and design as well as my handcrafted flower crowns, look no further than my Instagram. Here I only post original content of things I've created.

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