Monday, 16 March 2015


My obsession with pinning has lead to a whole board full of  of pretty edible things most of which are in my favourite shades of candyfloss, fushia and rose. There's something quite spectacular about these delectable treats being styled in such a beautiful way. They are works of art when combined with a well lit space and a superb photographer who knows how to compose the image in a dynamic way. Such tasty looking treats for which I would eat incandescently if my health allowed it.

Be sure to follow my pinterest for more pretty inspirations. I am convinced that following good pinners is the best and most efficient way to use this site.

If you are after more foodie blogs to keep in your regular reads I can certainly recommend a couple:
Made from Scratch is a New Zealand based blog by Rachel McMahon who has a love for baking and all things lifestyle. Her blog is built around the idea of small business and things that are handmade with love. Not to mention the clean style of her website combined with stunning photography and well written posts.

I also love the look and style of Lydia Bakes for which the title is quite self explanatory. Full of delicious recipes and baking inspiration by Lydia, this blog (also New Zealand based) is worth following for sure!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! So sweet of you, your blog is gorgeous!

Lydia xx

Rose Tinted Illustration and Design said...

Thanks Lydia Bakes! Means so much coming from such a talent! x