Sunday, 21 December 2014


If you haven't yet seen the beautiful photographs by Samantha Ngaire then you're in for a treat. The pretty lady behind one of my favourite blogs Teacups & Rainstorms, has a love for the dark and cosy days spent with tea, a blanket and a book. Her work captures this mood effortlessly in a nostalgic way with a film-like, grainy quality. She offers a perspective that I dare say makes me, a lover of all things Spring and sunny, appreciate the gloomy, stormy days of Winter. (Which is just wonderful as I have just begun my second Winter of the year and I need the optimism to endure it.)

Earlier in the year, I received an email from Samantha hoping to purchase the pictured Rose Tinted Flower Crown to wear for her engagement shoot (shot by Patty Lagera Photography). Of course I was more than happy to help out. She is so lovely, you can't help but adore her instantly. If you ever wish to book her for a photo shoot or event, I know she will be amazing. 

The funny thing is we actually attended the same Art School (MSVA), just a few years apart. I so very nearly asked her to model for the magazine I created for my final submission. But I guess I was too shy to ask, which is ridiculous looking back on it.

Be sure to check out her social media outlets and give her a deserved like/follow!

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Amy F said...

Sam's blog is just amazing and your work is so talented too! Lovely to see my engagement shot got snuck in here.