Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I've been on yet another little getaway to the beach this winter. This time it was with my family to Matarangi where my Aunty and Uncle have a bach we were able to use. You may recall we also went there in the summer for a blissful holiday.

I'm treasuring this time with family in such a beautiful location as I know I will miss it dearly when we are in China. I love the New Zealand coast and I believe it is the most beautiful at sunset when the light becomes dusty and dreamy. The best thing about photographing in winter is you get empty beaches void of people. Not that it's a bad thing, but there is something profound about having such a vast and beautiful space to capture. Winter light is also stunning with it's cool white tones, quite a contrast to the warm golden glow of summer.

 I love it when the photo is so beautiful that it needs no editing in the slightest. But really God did all the hard work here, we just happened to be here with camera in hand at the right time with the knowledge of how to capture it. Special thanks to my sister Melody of Glorious Bandits blog who snapped the images of me in my favourite fedora!

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Lauren Hay said...

Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning! Wish I could travel to New Zealand.
Lauren | OhHay Blogs!