Monday, 2 June 2014


Have you ever tried to look for a beautifully made, fine quality leather handbag that is big enough to carry your books and folders, perhaps even your laptop? These stunning handmade leather bags are designed in New Zealand by the talented Cara who is the store owner and visionary of Tiny Space.

Tiny Space is a unique store within St Kevin's Arcade along K'rd, Central Auckland that specializes in stunning leather bags, gorgeous jewellery, as well as various other knick knacks and wonderment. They even sell Rose Tinted Illustration prints and my handmade flower crowns. If you haven't been before, than you're in for a treat!

Cara is currently working on the next collection of Caravan bags to be released later this year. Can't wait to see what the next instalment is going to look like! I currently own the large black B08 Beverly bag (2nd from top), which is perfect to fit my 15" laptop. It fits snug in a soft case which I put inside the soft leather inner clutch. I can carry it around with style to do my design work knowing it is safe and hidden away. I have also wish-listed the Maroon Gypsy Traveller bucket style bag and the Dark Chocolate Geek Chic Satchel!

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