Monday, 26 May 2014


(c) Rose Tinted Illustration

I am very blessed to know this woman, let alone share the same blood. She is fun-loving, optimistic and slightly cheeky, plus she gives some of the best hugs. She is the vibrant, warm colours of Autumn and she wears them well too. The photo reference I had for this illustration was in black and white but I couldn't resist drawing her in colour. It suits her better.

She hasn't had it easy, in fact her life has been quite difficult to say the least. Though she has always maintained a sense of optimism and grace through hardship. Admirable qualities of an inspirational woman. She is currently battling cancer. It started in her breasts and after a double mastectomy we all thought it had gone. But no, it has now spread to her bones. It is such a cruel disease and it affects so many lives. I've heard that when a person gets cancer, so does a family, a community even. It's true. But it also means there is a whole rally of people who are willing and able to support that person.

Today is my Aunty Averil's birthday and for her gift I illustrated her portrait. It was my mother's idea and being the two youngest in a family of six children, they are both sisters and best friends.

Isn't she gorgeous? x


Rachel McCarten said...

Beautiful words and beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing. I agree xxxx

Rose Tinted Illustration and Design said...

Thanks Rachel! She is indeed beautiful :) x