Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Photography : Amy Scheepers

These beautiful photograph's were taken by one of my favourite photographer's, Amy Scheepers in collaboration with 10&5 and the new Nokia Lumia 1020. Her outcomes feature dreamy light, many blooms, and a ballerina like model in an ornate, abandoned white room. I always admire Amy's used of space, light and composition and she maintains a quality in all her photographs that so uniquely her style. She also runs a lovely lifestyle, photography and fashion blog called Fancy Pants which is one of my regular reads.

From Amy about her concept for this shoot :

"For a while now I have envisioned a small elfish girl covered in flowers in a vast white space… and this was immediately the idea I reached for first when planning this series of images.
The majority of my work stems from the desire I have to create an ethereal world, which allows the viewer a few moments to escape their reality. To achieve this dreamy, rather theatrical style of image, there are many factors at play above the taking of the photograph itself. In particular, the costumes and set-design are vital to the success of the image, which lead to them playing a large role in this series. Flowers are a re-occurring theme in many of my photographs even though it is never a conscious decision. I’m drawn to them and often shoot with no other intention than to capture what makes me happy. I also favor clean spaces, and find the simplicity and contrast to the subject quite refreshing.
With these factors in mind, the idea for this series started taking form.
When someone looks at this collection of work I’d like them to perceive it as something with a dreamlike quality, something that leaves them feeling somewhat lighter. I tend to come away from looking at my idol’s works feeling enlightened and if I could achieve even a tiny sense of that in my own work I would feel as though I had accomplished something."

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