Tuesday, 8 October 2013


On a sunny Spring afternoon, I went on a little photography adventure with my sister-in-law and dear friend, Eloise. We found a beautiful forest of Cherry Blossom trees, and marvelled at the opportunity to shoot in such a pretty setting.

Spring is such a wonderful season with the most beautiful flowers all in bloom, and the thrill of knowing summer is around the corner. I like the aspect of new beginnings and the motivation to "spring clean" as I have been doing this past week. Also the beginning of a new season wardrobe! There's nothing like that first day where you get to wear a dress without tights underneath! This was that first day for me, bring on more floral, pastel and crisp white frocks!

I also took some stunning photograph's of Eloise who is just so pretty it's not even fair. You will see them next post I promise! But she will also be sharing them on her gorgeous blog, so keep an eye out!

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