Tuesday, 24 September 2013


How beautiful are these floral tattoos? Although I would never personally get one, (it's just too permanent for my liking) I can't help but love them. If I were to get one, it would have to be a floral piece. Something like a vintage floral illustration or watercolour painting. I know it sounds ironic that I would never get one, but I guess as an illustrator I'm used to being able to draw on my arm with an ink pen whenever I like. This happens a lot when I'm bored or if I'm listening to something. Actually I find drawing when listening helps me remember more of what they are saying.

But luckily for me I can design tattoo's for friends or my husband Louis who has quite a few ( I love it). Also my darling sister-in-law Eloise of Jazz Lips & Tulips has the most lovely & feminine tattoo's so I tend to live a little vicariously through her.

All of these images came from pinterest and are pinned to my Floral board.

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