Monday, 30 September 2013


I'm a collector of things. One of those things is botanical book about roses. They're my favourite flower of mine if you haven't already guessed (although peonies are a very close second).

I find these books in second hand stores so I don't have to be too precious about cutting them up. They are just perfect a resource for beautifully captured images that I can use as reference for drawing. I also use them in my collages by cutting them out individually either with the pen tool on Photoshop, or with a good old pair of scissors.

I love that roses are so intricate and complicated in design, yet so simple in beauty. They are a challenge to illustrate, and I love a challenge! There are so many varieties, colours and styles and they all look so pretty. Plus I just love the titles that they are given.

To see more of my favourite blooms, you can follow my pinterest board on where I collect images that inspire me.

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