Thursday, 1 August 2013

Meet our sweet kitten

I want you meet the furry little guy that takes up a big space in my heart. My husband chose the name Thruxton after a type of Triumph motorcycle, and if you heard his loud purr you'd understand why. He is the most gorgeous, well-natured cat in the world! Even right now he is sitting on my lap keeping me warm, and occasionally he will just look up at me with adoring eyes before giving me a big smooch. Honestly it melts my heart! He's even turned my husband (who has never owned a cat) into a cat lover.

We got Thruxton at a tiny 5 weeks old. He was a rescue who was found on the streets suffering from a case of the cat flu. Our good friend Rachel is a vet nurse who knew I really badly wanted a kitten! So when he was handed into the vet clinic where she works, she knew of wonderful, loving home. Luckily our landlord allowed us to keep him!

When he's not in a crazy/playful mood he is all cuddles and kisses. We love how he sleeps on our laps when we are watching a movie or when I am working on the computer from home. He keeps us company when one of us isn't home and is such a blessing to our lives. We now feel like a proper little family.

These photos were taken in the first few weeks of him being in our home and he is just so little! He's now almost 6 months old and about triple this size. So glad for cameras that capture these precious moments of a little life growing up. I can't imagine how bad it will be when I actually have kids!

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