Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rose Tinted Double Exposures

These are some double exposure photographs that I produced for Rose Magazine with my lovely model Rebecca (who has gorgeous natural red hair which I am so envious of). I'm really pleased with how they turned out which is partly due to the fact we managed to capture brilliant afternoon sunshine. This added a romantic and dreamy atmosphere to the images making Rebecca look very angelic with a backlit glow. The styling  was a combination of both our wardrobes. We ended up using black & white patterned garments which added more interest without being too busy.

I titled the spread "transparent memories" and it is about beautiful yet fleeting moments in time. In a way the flowers convey this idea, as I always see them as a metaphor for life. Being something so precious yet transient,.reminding us that each second must be treasured and appreciated for it's beauty.

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